About Halal


Halal (Halaal) is a term signifying “permitted by Islamic Law.”
In contrast, Haram signifies “forbidden.”
Pork and alcohol are forbidden, so Halal contains no Haram materials.
Halal certification guarantees no possibility of Haram substances being intermingled.

Halal-certified Cosmetics

“Generio” cosmetic products pay special attention to ingredients and ensure all the raw materials are Halal-certified, dermatologist-supervised cosmetics containing no alcohols or animal-derived ingredients.
Japanese-made high quality certifies skin safety throughout, from the production environment including water, plants, raw materials, and others, to bottles, packaging, and storage.
Halal cosmetics are available for everyone and gentle on the skin.​

For questions or inquiries concerning “Generio,” please contact us by the specified form.
Please feel free to contact us about media inquiries as well as business and sales opportunities.

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