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​How to use

Its effect can be enhanced
when used in combination
with other Generio Basic Skin-care Products

How to use

Generio provides you with skin care designed in simple steps. The more effects of Generio products can be expected only if the beauty lotion, serum, and cream are used after cleansing the face.​

How to use lotion

[Generio Lotion] 120mL

Put an appropriate amount of the lotion (about the size of the 500-yen coin (with a diameter of about 23mm) on the palm or on some cotton after cleaning the face, and apply the lotion to let it soak into the skin by patting it with the palm or cotton.

How to use lotion essence

[Generio Essence] 30mL

Prepare the skin with the lotion, and dab an appropriate amount of the essence (about two to four squeezes of the bottle) onto the skin. Apply the essence over the entire of the face to the base of the neck until the skin absorbs it well.

How to use lotion creame

[Generio Cream] 50g

Spread an appropriate amount of the cream (about the size of a pearl) from the center to the periphery of the face, and let the the skin absorb it.