Officially Approved Cosmetic Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons Carefully selected four compounding ingredients

Carefully Selected Ingredient 1

[Synonymous to aging care]



Astaxanthin is a carotenoid commonly present in living things. It is a red pigment found rich in fish and shellfish, such as salmon, shrimps, crabs, and in marine plants. “Astaxanthin” is an effective ingredient in aging prevention and aging care for maintaining youthful appearance.

☆Promising Effects: Effect 1☆

[Skin enhancement]

Collagen, which makes the skin soft and moist, cannot be absorbed by the skin externally. However, astaxanthin helps as a carotenoid in producing collagen and elastin.​

☆Promising Effects: Effect 2☆

[Anti-oxidation effect]

Astaxanthin’s anti-oxidation power is nearly 1000 times as great as that of vitamin E, and suppresses active enzymes of blood lipids to lower your vascular age.
Thereby, it is harder for skin blotches to occur, which makes you look young.

☆Promising Effects: Effect 3☆

[Countermeasure against UV rays]

Damage to the skin due to exposure to UV radiation is decreased. An effect of suppressing active enzymes is the prevention of damage attributable to UV rays and inhibition of the generation of melanin.

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